Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lake Archer 4th of July Time Lapse

Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July this year.  What could be better than sitting on a deck, overlooking a lake, watching the sun go down, with a warm summer breeze gently whispering through the trees?  This is how I got to spend the 4th of July last year with some awesome people.

My camera didn't capture the firework competition between various neighbors around the lake trying to out-do one another, but it was quite enjoyable to watch.  My friend Chris and I participated in the festivities by rigging up 36 bottle rockets to go off at the same time.  It was a fun little experiment with electrical tape and canon fuses, and it actually worked!  (Don't try this at home kids).

If you're interested in experimenting with time lapse photography on a budget I would recommend the Canon Hack Development Kit.  If you have a Canon PowerShot camera there is some free software you can download called CHDK.  This will allow you to run an intervalometer (aka time lapse) script.  All you have to do is dial in your settings and let the camera do it's thing.

After the pictures have been captured you can use iMovie or Movie Maker to turn your still picture sequence into a time lapse video.  Time lapse photography is a fun little hobby and captures the scenery and memories in an interesting way.