Friday, December 2, 2011

Review Of The Logitech Revue

You can get the Logitech Revue for pretty cheep on Amazon.  When it the product was first released in 2010 the cost was $300.  Mark Hachman has written a few interesting articles about the Revue for PC magazine including Logitech CEO calls Google TV Box A 'Mistake of Implementation'.  In my opinion the concept is definitely a winning idea.  The problem seems to be delayed consumer adoption of this concept.

In response to the PC Magazine article above, I think people have a very strong association between TV in their home and cable/satellite service.  Now here comes the invention of Smart TV's, Smart Blu-Ray's, Smart Phones and Smart Streaming Boxes like the Roku, AppleTV and Logitech Revue.  It's almost as if there are too many choices and too many options so people just stick with cable or satellite for the most part.

Whenever I attempt to explain the differences between streaming boxes to a non-tech-minded person their eye's glaze over.  Let's be honest, it's confusing.  That's the problem right there.  If people don't understand what they are getting when they buy a streaming box they are likely to return it when they take it home, plug it in, and discover it doesn't carry cable channels.

Couple the functionality confusion with an awful user interface and it's going to be a slow process of getting the average non-tech-geek to adopt.  Some of these so-called "smart" devices are painful to navigate with.  I do want to give the Revue credit for having a full size keyboard and great navigation.  Many similar devices do not have user friendly navigation and data entry.  One bad experience trying to login to facebook with a crappy "smart" TV might be enough to keep people satisfied with a cable box.