Nate Schneider (BigNate84)
My name is Nate and I create How-To videos that help people. Back in 2011 my Flip camera broke so I turned to YouTube for a solution. Luckily someone had posted a video explaining how to take apart a Flip cam. After some tinkering and soldering the camera was working again!

I realized first hand how powerful the video database known as YouTube can be. I decided to document my experience with two videos explaining the problem I encountered and how I fixed my Flip cam. I had a hunch other folks might run into the same problem. And they did. Later that year I received a message from a young man located in the Dominican Republic. Hearing feedback like his has inspired me to create more videos.

Fast forward to a million views later... one of my videos appeared on ABC World News and another was shared by the Huffington Post. When YouTube began supporting closed captions I manually added text transcript files to all my videos. This allows viewers to turn closed captions on and off as they wish.  It also ensures my videos will be viewable to folks who are hard of hearing and others around the world who may not speak English.

In 2013 I started to find my voice as an audio video professional. I began connecting with other folks specifically in the Pro AV community. It was a natural progression to create content about the AV Integration industry because that's where I work full time. Shortly after posting a few Pro AV videos Chris Neto invited me to join a group of Pro AV bloggers called Redband and Tim Albright had me on the AV Week podcast as a guest.

In February of 2013 I began producing the LiveSound101 video series which is designed to teach the basics of running live sound. More recently in February of 2014 the AVShopTalk podcast was launched which covers audiovisual trends and emerging technologies by conducting interviews with subject matter experts from all corners of the industry.

Social media has given me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. I went from being an AV geek fixing a Flip camera in the basement to reaching millions of people with YouTube videos. Make sure to check out my Top 10 YouTube Videos of all time and sign up to Get The Email if you'd like to stay current with my blog.  

Thank you for stopping by!


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