Friday, May 11, 2012

Super Moon Time Lapse 2012

I have always been interested in photography and videography as a hobby.  My point & shoot Canon PowerShot SX30is has been the perfect tool for me to explore time lapse photography and astrophotography on a budget.  Typically these genres of photography require a substancial investment in professional and specialized equipment.

The SX30is is a perfect tool for beginners to explore this type of photography.  With the help of a little firmware hack called CHDK you can run time lapse scripts on the $500 camera and increase exposure times well beyond the factory default settings among many other extra features that become available with CHDK.

Of course there is no substitute for a professional DSLR with an improved image sensor, but the cost to enter that hobby with real professional gear is much higher when you factor in the lenses, intervalometer devices, remote shutters and so on.  This video is my first attempt at taking video footage of the moon.  Although the quality is not superb, a few seconds of this video made an ABC World News segment on the supermoon and I was able to do it on the cheep.

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