Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flip Ultra HD Power Button Not Working

Well it turns out my dad is an electronic troubleshooting genius, more on that later.  Fixing my Flip and creating a video about it motivated me to start a how-to channel.  I had been thinking about starting up some kind of YouTube channel for a while but I hadn't figured out exactly what to do.

At the time (April 2011) this was my only functioning video camera so when the power button broke I got desperate and posted this low quality video describing the malfunction.  I was hoping someone out there would see what happened and offer a solution with a comment or video response.

In the mean time my dad offered to take a look at the broken camera.  Taking the Flip apart to diagnose the problem was a bit of a delicate procedure, but I had nothing to lose.  After about 30 seconds of examining the circuit board inside my dad realized the problem was a loose electronic component that had broken off.  After a little soldering the camera was functioning properly again.

Here is the solution video I made: Flip Ultra HD Power Button Fix.  After going through the process of creating my first tutorial I decided to dedicate my channel to how-to videos.

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