Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big News For BigNate84

How many people on YouTube can say their username and video made it to national news?  Well I guess there's that dad who's video made the news after he put a few rounds into his daughters laptop as a form of punishment.  And there's always a steady stream of freak car accident videos coming out of Russia that make the news.  The story of my video making national news is a little less dramatic than the examples above, but hopefully it speaks to my creativity, production values and YouTube search ranking.

Last week I was pleasantly surprised to get a message from ABC producer Susan Schwartz.  At first glance I thought this was somebody playing a joke, or some sort of spam.  But it turned out to be a legitimate request to use experimental video footage I had done of the 2012 Supermoon.  Susan offered to give my YouTube channel an on screen credit.  Needless to say I graciously granted her permission to use a few seconds of my video (2.15 seconds to be exact, but who's counting?) on the June 22, 2013 ABC World News national broadcast.

As someone who has been working diligently to create quality content on YouTube this was a nice form of encouragement and recognition, and of course bragging rights.  In addition to how-to videos I have uploaded a few time lapse, stop motion and high speed videos over the years.  They don't get many consistent views but I have always had fun creating time lapse style videos.  As a video creator, time lapse photography and high speed video is a great skill to have in your tool belt.  It can help spice up a boring sequence and communicate to the viewer in an interesting way.  I usually try to include some form of time lapse or high speed sequence in all of my how-to videos but I never imagined it would make the news!  This made my day.