Saturday, July 13, 2013

Super Moon 2013 Norfolk, MA

First of all I'd like to say welcome to the surge of new email subscribers!  Thanks for joining me on my YouTube web publishing journey.  I'm really starting to discover the power of social media and how it can boost ones career.  Feel free to reach out to me with any audio, video, tech or social media related questions.  I'm here to help and share what I have learned.  Good luck to everyone who has entered the Million View Giveaway.  Currently I'm at about 925,000 views and 1,000,000 is right around the corner.

About once every 14 full moon cycles we get to observe a phenomenon called a perigee moon.  Often called a super moon, this bigger and brighter than usual lunar spectacle is a great excuse for professional and amateur photographers to test their gear.  After having some of my 2012 Super Moon footage make its way into an ABC World News broadcast I decided to go out again this year and point the lens of my Canon SX30is to the night sky.  This time around I added a little perspective by capturing more than just the moon alone.  I included some high speed video of downtown Norfolk, Massachusetts.

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