Friday, January 4, 2013

You Can Call Me Nate

In light of my relative success on YouTube I figured it was time to officially introduce myself.  In a nutshell, my goal is to make how-to videos that help people.  Back in 2011 I realized that my video about how to fix a broken Flip Camera got more consistent views than anything else I had uploaded at the time.  I decided to brand myself with the help of that nifty little cartoon and began creating professional and informative how-to videos.

I think this is a good point in time to share with you what I have learned over the past few years pertaining to web publishing, social media marketing  and earning revenue online.  I have spent numerous hours conducting "independent research" with my good friend Google about being a successful YouTube creator.  My plan is to share what I have learned here on on this blog, along with my videos.

I would not call myself a "social media guru".  I am willing to try different things, put in my best effort and stick with it even if the revenue isn't there.  This is really the perfect hobby and side job for me.  I enjoy editing video, teaching and interacting on social media.  YouTube has been a fantastic outlet.

I'm pretty excited about the way things are going.  I ran my first giveaway in 2012 when my channel hit 500,000 views and my 1,000,000 view giveaway is currently taking place.  That's my way of saying thank you and giving back to everyone who's supported me.

My goal is to create content that helps people.  When someone searches for a tutorial I want one of my videos to be listed first in the search results because it is of the highest quality and the most helpful.  In June of 2013 one of my videos made it into the ABC World News broadcast because of that very reason.  My username across social media is BigNate84 but you can call me Nate.

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    1. Thank you Jeroen! Really appreciate your support. Feel free to start a fan club in the Netherlands! :-) It's great to have an international audience.